“Well, if there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.”
- Luke Skywalker


Tatooine (pronounced /tætu’in/; Jawaese: Tah doo Een e8) is a desert world and the first planet in the binary Tatoo star system. It is part of the Arkanis sector in the Outer Rim Territories. It is inhabited by poor locals who mostly farm moisture for a living. Other activities includ used equipment retailing and scrap dealing. The planet is on the 5709-DC Shipping Lane, a spur of the Triellus Trade Route, which itself connected to the Sisar Run. The planet is not far from the Corellian Run. It has its own navigation system. However, it still played a role in galactic events, serving as the home of Anakin Skywalker. It is here that Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn recognized Anakin’s potential to become a Jedi and where he introduced him to Obi-Wan Kenobi, his future master and mentor. Tatooine was also the home of Anakin’s son, Luke, where he lived until his early adulthood. The planet acquired a bad reputation, often being viewed as the cesspool of the galaxy due to the large number of criminals who could be found there.




Tatooine is thought to be one of the oldest planets in known space and is composed of a molten core with a rocky mantle and silicate rock crust. Other notable geological features include the Dune Sea, an enormous sodium-rich desert; Mushroom Mesa, a vast formation of giant standing stones; and the Jundland Wastes, a rocky region. There is a settlers’ saying that one’s eyes burn out faster by staring straight and hard at sun-scorched flatlands than by looking directly at the suns.9


Tatooine orbits two suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II and is covered in deserts and rock formations, so the days are extremely arid and bright, especially during double noon. In fact, it is so brightly lit by the suns from space it can appear to be a star itself. This was the case for the people who discovered Tatooine as they first thought Tatooine was in fact a star until they approached and discovered that it was a desert planet. The planet circles the suns far enough to develop a stable, but very hot climate. Due to the extreme conditions, only a relatively mild region of its northern hemisphere is habitable, and less than 1% of the planet is covered in surface water. The average humidity level is 5.4%.

One of the many extraordinary features unique to Tatooine is the mysterious mists, which rise regularly from the ground where desert sands met cliffs and mesas. Various theories of this moisture’s origin are disputed by meteorologists and geologists, like water suspended in sandstone veins beneath the sand and complex chemical reactions which make it rise when the ground cooled, then fall underground again with the double sunrise.

  • Tatooine’s harsh arid climate causes Humans to show signs of accelerated aging.
  • The atmosphere could not have had helium, as it would have killed any mynocks that lived there.

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Tatooine was once a lush world that had large oceans and a world-spanning jungle inhabited by the native and technologically advanced Kumumgah. Against the elder’s wishes they colonized nearby star systems but this drew the attention of the Rakata. In 25,783 BBY, the Rakatan Infinite Empire invaded the planet, conquered and enslaved its native inhabitants and then abducted many to their other conquered worlds. After a terrible plague weakened the Rakata, the Kumumgah eventually rebelled and managed to drive the Rakata off the planet. In response they subjected the planet to an orbital bombardment that “glassed” (that is, fused the silica in the soil into glass, which then broke up over time into sand) the planet and boiled its oceans away. It is possible that the Kumumgah’s excessive production started this drastic climatic change before the Rakata arrived. Nonetheless this change split the indigenous Kumumgah into two races: the Ghorfas and the Jawas.

Tatooine was first settled around 4200 BBY.

The name Tatooine was coined from the Jawa name for the planet, Tah-doo-Een-e.
The planet was later represented in the Galactic Senate by Sidrona Diath but it was eventually abandoned by the Republic for a second time. During the Great Hunt, the planet was cleansed of terentatek by the Jedi.
Although Tatooine was deemed not worth conquering by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars, a group of Mandalorian exiles settled on Tatooine after the war, although their fate was never known.
At the time of the Jedi Civil War, the planet was practically controlled by the Czerka Corporation. They were attempting to mine ores from Tatooine, although they soon discovered the ores had strange magnetic properties which made the metal corrode very fast and thus useless for production. Later, Revan came to Tatooine during his quest to locate the Star Forge, via the Star Maps, as there was one on Tatooine. He discovered that Czerka Corporation was attempting to eradicate a nearby tribe of Sand People due to attacks on Czerka’s sandcrawlers. With the help of the recently purchased droid HK-47, Revan was able to communicate with the tribe and negotiate a truce after infiltrating their settlement. It was revealed to Revan that the Sand people considered the Czerka to be invaders on their land, which was the reason for the frequent attacks. Revan later learned the history of the Sand People from the tribe’s history keeper, by giving a Krayt dragon pearl to the cheiftain.

Czerka’s mining involvement in the Anchorhead settlement proved fruitless, and the company began Czerka’s Secret Weapons division on the planet, due to no restrictions from the Republic. Sometime between Revan’s visit and 3641 BBY, Czerka completely pulled out of Anchorhead, abandoning the Secret Weapons complex. Unlike the corporations before Czerka, Czerka’s presence was replaced with a vacuum for a long time, this left the planet to plunge into complete anarchy. Authority on the world had an extreme informal control by disorganized criminals, but they were later united by a group of dissidents, who called themselves the Hutt Cartel. The Republic had yet again began to use the planet for a supply stop. During the Cold War, the Sith Empire also set up a small outpost near Anchorhead in an effort to discover the secrets of the Czerka Secret Weapons division. Some time after the trio of wars had ended, the Republic left the planet for a third time and it was forgotten until the Republic rediscovered it in 1100 BBY. However, the Republic had withdrawn from Tatooine for a fourth time, but this led to an increase of immigrated inhabitants. Sometime later Gardulla established her empire on Tatooine and based herself in her palace.

The B’omarr Order built a monastery on the planet in 700 BBY which the bandit Alkhara, who worked for the Bureau of Ethnicity and Socialization, used as a hideout in 550 BBY. Shortly thereafter, in 516 BBY, the notorious Jabba the Hutt chased Alkhara out of his citadel of operations and claimed the B’omarr Monastery for his personal palace and made it the center of his empire.

In 100 BBY, the Dowager Queen crashed on the planet at the site where Mos Eisley was later built. The crash survivors were Humans from Bestine IV, who established Bestine, the capital of Tatooine, and made first contact with the Jawas. Shortly thereafter, colonists founded Fort Tusken, which was wiped out by Sand People five years after its establishment. From that point on the Humans and other species referred to the Sand People as the “Tusken Raiders.” Anchorhead was then re-inhabited in 93 BBY. Mos Eisley was settled by Humans and Rodians in 85 BBY and Mos Espa was settled in 80 BBY.

The Corellia Mining Corporation brought many digger crawlers to the planet, but abandoned it, as did the Republic for all intents and purposes, in 70 BBY, when the orbital station Tatoo III crashed, revealing the unstable nature of the local ores from which it had been constructed. The abandoned crawlers radically changed Jawa civilization, serving as mobile fortresses for Jawa tribes searching the deserts for materials to scavenge.
Although the planet was thereafter considered technically part of the Republic’s Arkanis sector, the Hutts became its de facto rulers when they arrived in 65 BBY using the planet as an important transfer point between the Triellus and the Corellian Run.
In 60 BBY, Merl Tosche established Tosche Station on the outskirts of Anchorhead. Rival Hutt kajidics vied for control of the planet, notably Besadii (represented by Gardulla Besadii the Elder) and Desilijic (represented by Jabba the Hutt).


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