Mos Shuuta

“That droid hates me almost as much as I hate it.”
-Vlorn the junk merchant



Mos Shuuta is a small city on the desert world of Tatooine. Mos Shutta is situated on the top of a tall, rocky bluff, with nothing but endless desert in every direction around it. The city is ruled by a small time Hutt named Teemo who occupies a palace in the western sector.


A large number of Teemo the Hutt’s retainers rose up and fled his employ. Learning of a recently docked small freighter this band overrode the local spaceport control system, fought their way across the streets of Mos Shuuta and stole the ship. The owner, a Trandosian named Trex, was found unconscious on the hanger floor. Unconfirmed reports suggest a half dozen injuries to local inhabitants. Imperial Forces are currently on the lookout for a YT-1300 named Krayt’s Fang.


The city boasts two landing bays (Aurek and Besh), a slagworks, Vlorn’s junk shop, water tower, decent cantina, and local barracks.


Mos Shuuta

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