A repository of Player Handouts.

I build most of these using Power Point and scavenged images. Once they get revealed to the players I’ll post them here. Feel free to use them in your campaigns.

Krayt Manifest

I changed the introduction of Crates of Krayts (The EotE starting module). The party wasn’t hired to get the Krayt and therefor missed the care and feeding details. Instead the group finds two crates on a “liberated” freighter. On the crates was this unencrypted Datapad with the transfer and care instructions. It also points to the meeting location. It wasn’t long before the players were spinning up to Warp Speed and heading to Nar Shaddaa.

I made these in Power Point from a Datapad asset off the web and found a GalBasic font for more immersion.


A burn victim held a clue the players needed and I wanted a scene where the group must infiltrate a hospital. I envisioned two large circular towers rising above Nar Shaddaa catering to the well to do. Partitioning a circular building was tricky and I’m not real happy with the results. But it was a fun challenge and I already have plans to improve the next map. The walls in future maps will be more interesting and I’ll save the maps in a higher resolution.

Because there are many ways a team might infiltrate a hospital I made a number of maps and handouts for BactaMAX. First there is the hospitals internet homepage (I call it the Spectrum) then an overview map. Manipulating the basic map in PowerPoint I created a cyberspace looking map. This I use when/if the players try to hack a building through cyberspace. It is cool effect and in the case of BactaMAX it narrowed down where the burn unit was in the building. Lastly I made a blown up map of where I figured the action would take place.

A new trick with this map is the city background. I took a screenshot of a Google Map of Manhattan and used that as a backdrop. Pretty pleased with the results.

Video Call and Mission Lead

The party recently met a Mexican themed Rodian Fixer and promptly started calling him Juan Solo. I’m not one to pass up great player ideas so now they have a contact Jannick “Juan” Solo a sombrero wearing Rodian.

I like it when the players make contacts or friends with NPCs because it allows me to interject parts of the story and plot hooks in novel ways. For instance I had ideas for a salvage mission (much more to come on that!) and now that the players have already asked Juan for other work this fits nicely. So i made this handout as a video call. I only regret not seeding the mission when the players first talked to the Rodian. Way to much to juggle at times.

I made this in PowerPoint working from my basic Datapad graphic. The Rodian is from the web layered with a stock sombrero image. I wanted it to look like Juan was calling from a bar so I found a couple of “Future Bar” images to layer behind him and put his name in GalBasic above like a contact list. To help the datapad display pop out I used bright blue for the text and the video feed highlight square. Then made some light maroon boxes which add depth to otherwise boring text. Finally I added a few menu symbols on the datapad so it feels in use and part of something larger. These show the datapad has full signal strength, the player has an unread text message, and that he’s connected to his ship’s and the station’s wifi.

Ship Brochures

The players had the opportunity to change out the Krayt Fang for another ship. I made these brochures to highlight the differences between the four models. These are simple Power Point creations using scavenged art. The beauty is in the layout.

Then the group took on a salvage job and the contact sent them a brochure for the large freighter.


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