Episode II

Episode II – Tuesday September 15th “You have a crate full of what?”


The remaining escapees from Teemo the Hutt make their way to a Vapor Station outside of Mos Eisley. Repelling a cat’s paw attack by Tusken Raiders our adventurers save the Vapor Farmers and make it off Tatooine on the Krayt’s Fang

Within the ship’s hold they find crates on route to Nar Shaddaa for another gangster, Sinasu the Hutt. A quick trip brings them to Greentop a burned out shell of a building with signs of recent arson. Hoping to find Sinasu (and a hefty payout) the party looks for a place to land.


Aaron, Dio, Frank, Michael, Phil

12 XP to each player for accomplishing the following:
  • Fighting off the Tusken Raiders
  • Exploring Greentop
  • Bonus for saving the Vapor Farmers

Episode II

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