BactaMAX is a large corporate medical center in City 13 of Nar Shaddaa. Its twin circular towers rise hundreds of stories about the surface of the city and dotted with landing pads. One novelty of BactaMAX are the “Flying Hoops”, these are U-shaped extensions protruding from the main building core. Each of the Hoops contains a few BactaTanks and can be flooded with any combination of atmosphere, even pressurized liquids. The Hoops also feature some of the best views of City 13 and are reserved for the very wealthy or those patients who require specialized environments.

Burn Units

BactaMax is also known for its intensive burn care ward. Noted as one of the best on Nar Shaddaa.


After the arson of Greentop of 35:9:18 the burn victims were admitted at BactaMax.
On 35:9:21 a group of scoundrels accompanied by a local Hutt gained entrance to the 147th floor through subterfuge. They questioned a Mon Calimari named Lanni who survived the GreenTop fire and then left.
Also on 35:9:21 a slicing intrusion into the Burn Unit was detected but not traced. The assumption is this is linked to the questioning of Lanni.


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