Tag: Nar Shaddaa


  • BactaMax

    [[File:516505 | class=media-item-align-right | 350px | BactaMax.png]] BactaMAX is a large corporate medical center in City 13 of [[Nar Shaddaa | Nar Shaddaa]]. Its twin circular towers rise hundreds of stories about the surface of the city and dotted …

  • Jannik "Juan" Solo

    On 35:9:20 Juan met Silvaris and Gand in the Holo-Bar. He was impressed with their cajones and agreed to look for a buyer for some Wookiee pelts they acquired. While he was leaving Silvaris lifted Juan's disruptor pistol.

  • Xeecho the Hutt

    Xeecho met the party in the Holo-Bar on 35:9:20. They saved him from a band of Gamorean bounty hunters by allowing the hunters to take Xeecho's right arm and a bribe of 1,000 credits.