Cloud City Cantina

A Battle Among the Stars!
The start of a fantastic journey.

Hi all,

I recently wound down my Roll20 ( campaign that ran for two and a half years as I moved back to Seattle. Roll20 is great, but I’ve been craving an in-person game. Something with action and adventure in a modern or future setting. I was looking for a game to play in that had a nice combination of grit and adventure, but just wasn’t finding any. Sure if I kept looking there’s bound to be a cool game, but instead I decided to run my own..

As my buddy Ponch says: “If you don’t get adventure in my role-playing it has to come out in real life” True words for me, and a good game keeps a person from buying an old motorcycle and seeing how far into Central America they can ride. Consider gaming an investment in my health and bank account.

I’d originally intended to run a couple of one shot adventures to see what sorts of players showed up. Look for a good mix of easy going people who got along and weren’t Murder Hobos. I pretty much wanted a party that had inter-personal skills other than Intimidate. As luck would have it a great batch of players showed up to the first one shot. Rather than let them slink away I exaggerated my Star War knowledge, faked an opening session, and began the campaign. So now I’m furiously reading up on the Edge of the Empire rules and backstory.

That’s how this started, but who am I? As a player I’m the guy with a plan and funny comment who enjoys solving problems and forging a team. As a GM I’m probably the same way, though it’s hard to tell how the players see me. I enjoy building a detailed world and letting the players explore it. Much of the work I do won’t been seen in game, but it makes the little details more consistent. And it’s something I enjoy.

And the world isn’t just big, its gritty. I like moral ambiguity and hard decisions. Sometimes there are no good options, just bad choices and the fun of living with yourself afterwards. Not all players enjoy this, but for me the hard times give meaning to everything the characters earn or accomplish. And then I try to tie these accomplishments into interested narratives. I’m hoping for Space Opera Noir though we’ll have to see if I can pull that off.

I’ve also grown found of multi-media. Over the years with Roll20 I learned how to make decent maps and handouts and how to incorporate music, sound effects, and lighting in cool ways. Please check out the Wiki as I intend to post things in a Handout section and would love for other GMs to use the things I make.

As we play I’ll post my thoughts on GMing. The mechanics of asset creation, the idea of basing a campaign on broad themes, various sizes of overlapping story arcs, and who knows what else. Stick around I think it’ll be fun.


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