Repo Man and Petty Thief


Career and Specialization: Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer)

Brawn 2
Agility 3
Intellect 3
Cunning 3
Willpower 2
Presence 2

Soak 2 + 1
Wounds 14
Strain 12
Defense 0/0

Skills: Athletics-1, *Computers-1, Medicine-1, Perception-1, Piloting Planetary-1, Piloting Space-1, *Skullduggery-1, Streetwise-1, Vigilance-1, Brawl-1, Ranged Light-1

  • indicates non-career skills

Obligation: Bounty (10)

Talents: Toughened (+2 WT)

Starting Gear: Heavy Clothing; Holdout Blaster; Mechanical B&E Kit; Datapad; Commlink
Acquired During Play: Tusken long-range slug rifle; heavy blaster pistol; respirator


Vercetti is a human from the Core Worlds who learned the fine art of speeder theft at a young age. He legitimized his exploits by doing repossessions for banks, insurance companies, and government figures, but just because he’s legit doesn’t mean he’s not hunted. Vercetti is followed by an expanding contrail of lawsuits, countersuits, arrest warrants, and even a few actual bounties, that traces a path from Ganthel (The Insurance Capital of the Old Republic) all the way out into Hutt space. Vercetti works more for thrills than for money and cares little for anybody’s ideology. However, he’s not a violent man, and does have his principles: he won’t steal from someone who can’t afford it, his blaster always starts on the ‘stun’ setting, and he will stop to help people in need if he doesn’t have a pressing (eg, dangerous) problem of his own at the time.

Since coming to the Rim, Vercetti has been learning to detest the Hutts, who he views as pernicious, dishonest, morally bankrupt, and unhygenic. He decided to leave Tattooine when Teemo the Hutt suggested that he start getting into kidnappings and assassinations. Vercetti lost his temper and declared that he wasn’t a killer, but he’d rub out a few Hutts as “pest control”; Teemo took this poorly and suggested that Vercetti try to collect a bounty on Jabba and “come back and tell me how that works out for you.” Instead, Vercetti identified the Krayt’s Fang, the ship of the slaver Trex, as the most likely way to escape Tattooine, and passed the information on to Teemo’s other dissatisfied thralls.


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