Pauss Ojurr


Pauss is a genius. He knows it, but tries hard not to acknowledge it except in situations where it’s relevant (basically any moment that entails someone doing something he does well incorrectly). But intelligence does not always equal wisdom. He was a SoroSuub technical advisor up until a terrorist strike on an Imperial drydock. Someone used his credentials, and rather than demonstrate his alibi, he instead decided to prove the point of Imperial security being lax.

So now he’s exiled from Sullust.

After bumming around for a bit, working out ways to stay afloat, he ran afoul of a particularly magnanimous Hutt, who offered him a loan in order for him to collect a ship. Pauss bought the Starskate, a beautiful, slick little courier ship that was going to pay dividends for him.

Until he crashed it on Kashyyyk.

Stuck on Kashyyyk thanks to an Imperial blockade, he sought help from the Rebellion, since they had a way off-planet. They needed bodies, not money, and so he was temporarily tasked to Captain Rascite’s group in order to set up a repeater. There was no expectation of resistance – a milk run.

Then he got shot in the arm and might lose the whole limb.

Genius is, as it turns out, not always enough.

Pauss Ojurr

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