Cloud City Cantina

XP From Episode IV

Delivery and Payday

Episode IV – Tuesday October 13th “So Nar Shaddaa drinks this stuff?”



Learning that Sinasu took refuge in a nearby water treatment facility the team fired up the Krayt Fang. Playing a deadly game of cat and mouse amid the huge cooling towers, vent stacks, and bypass pipes Ioun out flew the pursuing bounty hunters and found the entrance to the tertiary filtration tank. Able to hold cubic kilometers of water, the tank is also home to Tech Tank an illicit repair and modification team working with Sinasu.

Irys made introductions and began negotiating the trade but was interrupted when Naoko’s goons flew in on speeder bikes. Gand and Sylraris cut the bounty hunters down while Vincetti liberated a speeder bike and Ioun found creative ways to apply repulser exhaust. Irys proved he loves Hutts when he saved the second in as many days and the group escaped just ahead of two cloak ships.

Sinasu was impressed by the groups pluck and chose to overlook the fact they had liberated a ship he still had a lien on. In fact he offered them good terms on a ship upgrade provided this lot of scoundrels would take care of just one little job for him.


Aaron, Dio, Frank, Michael, Phil

22 XP to each player for accomplishing the following:
  • Navigating the Water Processing Plant
  • Saving Sinasu
  • Escaping from the Bounty Hunters
  • Negotiating the sale of the Krayt and Krayt Eggs



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