Cloud City Cantina

XP From Episode III

You can never anticipate good players...

Episode III – Tuesday September 29th “How to Party Like a Hutt!”



Docking at Rowo’s Landing the group shakes down some locals for information and find themselves in a seedy bar called the Holo Lounge. This off-track betting establishment is just the right kind of seedy. Dirty enough to scare off the norms, while clean enough to be too boring for anything but business. Here they meet Juan Solo a Rodian fixer who likes their style and Xeecho, a party slug type of Hutt. In the end our heroes save Xeecho from a group of Gamorean Bounty Hunters, learn of Sinasu’s underworld feud, and close the bar early.

Meanwhile Vercetti uncovers news that survivors from Greentop were taken to BactaMAX, a high end medical facility.

Posing as bereaved realtives in the employ of Xeecho, the party investigates BactaMAX and finds Lanni, a Mon Calamari dock master who works for Sinasu. She tells them of Tech Tank and that it is one of Sinasu’s best kept safe houses.


Aaron, Dio, Frank, Michael, Phil

15 XP to each player for accomplishing the following:
  • Interacting with Impact
  • Uncovering clues about Sinasu
  • Completely surprising me and saving Xeecho!
  • Breaking into BactaMAX with no casualties
  • Learning of Tech Tank



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