Cloud City Cantina

Episode IV - Underground yet over their heads

Delivery and Paydirt

Another excellent session. Here is the Intro Crawl.

Having crawled through the underbelly of City 13 following leads and making friends our heroes found themselves ideep in the entertainment sector. Past streets that have never known sunlight and alleys bathed in perpetual neon lurked the Bak Bak an off track sports bar.

There they met a Rodian fixer with a love of Sombreros and protected the life of Xeecho, an adolescent Hutt with a wild streak. Costing a thousand credits and a Hutt’s arm they struck a deal with four Gamoreans bounty hunters which paid off in the end.

Sooon they heard of a dock master recovering in BactaMAX and an ingenius plan was hatched. It involved a sick Bothian, a VIP Hutt, and a waffle cart. In short order the group learned of Sinasu’s treatment plant safehouse. After a quick trip they dropped off Xeecho, pick up their rank ship, and now the Krayt Fang, the team, and two interesting crates are cruising the airways of Nar Shaddaa ten kilometers out from the massive water purification and recycling complex and the hope of a big pay out.



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