Cloud City Cantina

Episode III - How to party like a Hutt

and get paid to do it....

Had a great third session last night. Will write up details soon. In the meanwhile here is the Into Crawl.

Recently escaped out from under the squishy psuedo-thumb of Teemo the Hutt our band or travelers liberated a small freighter and took to the stars. With a price on their heads, time on their hands, and a Krayt Dragon in their cargo hold, the team hatched a plan. They hoped to complete a transport run of Krayts to the infamous smuggler’s moon, Nar Shadda, to cash in with Sinasu the Hutt.

It was apparent during the trip to Nar Shadda that some of the credits they get from Sinasu should go towards a thorough cleaning of the Krayt Fang as the smell is abhorrent. Four Wookiee pelts made themselves and a smugglers hold very apparent.

Unfortunately the easy road to money had a few potholes when they found Greentop, a once beautiful spire in City 13 had been torched. The blackened tower standing as a reminder of what Hutt conflict looks like.

Seeking a buyer and possible clues to Sinasu’s whereabouts they pilot the Krayt Fang towards Rowo’s Landing a nearby public parking structure. Rowo’s is a massive cylindrical tower with a couple dozen speeder and starship hangar bays. It is old, grimy, and heavily dented. Traffic is heavy and they barely avoid a nasty collision with a speeder truck leaving a hangar. Hailing Rowo’s for Landing Clearance they meet Impact, a brightly tattooed Twi’lek.



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